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Pricing and Payment:

All Powerfin Propeller Assemblies Include: Mounting Hardware, Pitch Setting Tool, Polyurethane Leading Edge Protection and Instructions. 


Model "B" Propeller (48" to 65") (For 40 - 80Hp engines that do not need more than 65" diameter)

2-blade ($209 per blade) (2 blade hub $299) - Complete 2 blade B prop - $837

3-blade ($209 per blade) (3 blade hub $319) -Complete 3 blade B prop - $1126

4-blade ($209 per blade) (4-blade hub$345)- Complete 4-blade B prop- $1421

5-blade ($209 per blade) (5-blade hub $369)-Complete 5-blade B prop- $1714


Model "C" Propeller (48"to 69") (Primarily for use on vehicles with slow cruise speeds such as PPC's, airboats and trykes)

2-blade ($199 per blade) (2-blade hub $299)-Complete 2-blade C prop- $817

3-blade ($199 per blade)(3-blade hub $319)-Complete 3-blade C prop-$1096

4-blade ($199 per blade)(4-blade hub $345)-Complete 4-blade C prop-$1381

5-blade ($199 per blade)(5-blade hub $369)-Complete 5 blade C prop- $1664


Model "E" Propeller (39" to 53") (for F-33 & F-36 engines)

2-blade ($189 per blade)(2-blade hub $289)-Complete 2-blade E prop-$767

3-blade ($189 per blade)(3-blade hub $309)-Complete 3-blade E prop- $1026


Model "F" Propeller (48" to 75") (For 50 to 100Hp engines)

2-blade ($249 per blade)(2-blade hub $299)-Complete 2-blade F prop-$897

3-blade ($249 per blade)(3-blade hub $319)-Complete 3-blade F prop-$1216

4-blade ($249 per blade)(4-blade hub$345)-Complete 4-blade F prop-$1541

5-blade ($249 per blade)(5-blade hub $369)-Complete 5-blade F prop $1864

*Shipping for all propellers in the U.S. is $38.00.

Payment: All orders must be prepaid by check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit or debit cards.  


The effort at Powerfin Inc. is to deliver the best value for your money. If you don't feel that you have the best composite propeller available, simply return it in good condition within 90 days for a full refund. In addition to this guarantee of satisfaction, there is a lifetime warranty against defect. All returns must be accompanied by the original invoice. To order a Powerfin propeller, simply refer to the following list to see what information we will require from you about your aircraft.

Please have the following information available when ordering:

    • -Name
    • -Shipping address
    • -Daytime telephone number
    • -Aircraft manufacturer and model
    • -Climb and cruise speed
    • -Maximum possible propeller diameter
    • -Engine manufacturer and model
    • -Horsepower and max RPM
    • -Type of reduction drive (belt or gear)
    • -Pusher or tractor prop configuration
    • -Reduction ratio of drive
    • -Propeller rotation direction (as viewed from the rear of the airplane)
    • -Center hole diameter
    • -Mounting bolt diameter
    • -Mounting bolt circle diameter