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Testimonial from Robert Hartwig of Wisconsin

Re: Hirth F-23

When I first built my Fisher 202 I started out with a 40 hp Kawasaki engine that lasted 10 hours. I replaced it with a Rotax that lasted 99 hours. Both of these engines had the muffler outside the engine compartment.

I wanted an engine and muffler that I could enclose inside the cowling.  I did look around at other engines but the measurements did not fit my requirements for the 40 hp limit I wanted.

I then looked at a Hirth F-23 which came nearest to my requirements. The height of the engine allowed for room for a muffler under the engine and inside the cowling. The width of the engine itself fit inside the cowling except the spark plugs.  To accommodate the spark plugs I cut holes in the cowling, which did not detract from the appearance and allowed me to change the spark plugs without removing the cowling.

The F-23 engine has a compression relief system for easy starting. I installed a new battery when I put in the Hirth engine and I credit the compression relief system with the fact that I am still using this same battery.

I do not touch the carburetor jets winter or summer. They give me the same readings year round. EGT and CHT read the same winter and summer with no adjustment.

I added a muffler wrap type heater to give me cockpit heat through the fire wall –which works great!  Even the joy stick is warm in winter and my feet are comfortable.  It’s fun flying over the ice.

I have 700 plus hours on the engine as of this writing.  It has never been in the shop except for an update on the electrical system which Hirth provided for free. I am still running on the original pistons, rings, bearings, seals cylinders and crankshaft. Other than regular maintenance like replacing the spark plugs and drive belt there has been no mechanical work required. I still receive good compression, and cannot detect any change in power loss.   I average about 100 hours a year.

This engine is a joy to use, and as you can see, has given me many hours of trouble-free pleasure. To anyone interested in the above applications, I would highly recommend the F-23 engine.

Testimonial from Steve Raklovits of Michigan

I have used 7 Hirth engines ranging from 40 to 100 HP over the last 14 years.  I have had no major issues and have had the prompt and informative service that has made life allot easier with all my projects. I have found that with proper care and maintenance,  Hirth engines are high quality 2 stroke engines that are clean looking and provide good performance on all different types of aircraft and ultralights. I've had a good relationship with both Matt Dandar the US distributor at RPE and recently with Bill Larson, from Oregon and would recommend the Hirth product and services to all. F-30-100hp PPC -2706 - 65hp PPC -3203FI 65Hp PPC  -  3202-55Hp PPC - 2702-40Hp PPC
3203-65Hp X-Air Std  - 3203-65Hp Seaplane PPC

Testimonial from Neil Gustafson of Massachusets My Raven trike was built using the Hirth F33 engine as its power plant. I had never dealt with a 2 stroke before and I have to tell you so far I am pleased. If you follow the recommendations it appears to just keep running strong, I guess I didn’t know what to expect but so far I am relieved as to how little it takes to keep the engine running great. I have 74 hours on it and after following the break in procedures and maintenance checks it has given me no problems. Being new to this engine I was a bit apprehensive but Matt at RPE has been very helpful and always takes time to answer any questions I have. I would recommend the F33 to anyone looking for a dependable engine for their project.