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Dear Aviation Enthusiast,

Thank you for your interest in my propellers. It is my commitment as the owner of Powerfin Inc. to continue to offer the ultralight and small experimental pilot the safest, most efficient, highest quality carbon fiber composite propellers available. It is also my goal to offer them at a price that is affordable and keeps them available to the general buying public. With that in mind, I am very proud to offer this selection of ground adjustable composite propellers. Powerfin Inc. has hired the services of professional engineers, designers, and consultants in order to arrive at the final product. I know this propeller is the best possible product in this industry for the good money you spend. It certainly is the most thoroughly engineered propeller available to this industry.

I hope the descriptions and pictures in this web-site convey the craftsmanship that goes into each operation of themanufacturing process. From the CAD engineering to the CNC machined parts and molds to the impeccable carbon fiber composite structure to the unrivaled finishing, the design objectives were to exceed the competition while remaining competitively priced. I am confident that the quality, efficiency, and safety of Powerfin propellers exceeds that of all the competition - even propellers costing up to 3 TIMES MORE. If you carefully compare features, I'm sure you will also come to that conclusion.

I intend to have satisfied customers. To that end I am always striving to improve the product and expand the product line. If I don't yet have a propeller to suit your needs, I am most likely working on it now. Please feel free to call with any specific questions or comments you may have.

As you read ahead about the outstanding features of this propeller, please understand that I can put anything I want in this web-site. What keeps me honest is the generous warranty we offer on our propellers. If you are not satisfied with your propeller for any reason at all, please return it in good condition within 90 days for a full refund. There will also be a two year warranty for free replacement of any defective part. I have far more to lose by sticking someone with something they don't want than I have to gain by that one sale.

The intent of this web-site is to provide a basic understanding of how to accurately compare the various propellers out there and what are the important features to evaluate. Our experience with composite propeller purchasers shows us that some things are commonly underestimated and others are vastly overrated. A few examples of this are mass moment of inertia and static thrust. Few people truly understand the importance of low inertial mass and most people think that a static thrust measurement tells them everything they need to know about a propeller. Both notions are common misconceptions. If this web-site hits its mark, you will have a more complete understanding of these and other issues. I believe that as you begin to understand more about these important issues, you will appreciate the effort that has gone into Powerfin propellers.

Thanks again for your inquiry into our products.

Stuart Gort - President - Powerfin Inc.  


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